Friday, July 01, 2011

We are not cheap

We are safe ...

extra wall thickness for Exd enclosure

CE Atex certified cable glands

We use only BOROSIL glass

Quality Control

Buy cheap - Pay heavy

---- Read Guide to explosion protection -----

Monday, June 30, 2008

I am BAD

its a bad,bad,bad World

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Jetha is a proud father once again today

Jetha joined SHYAAM in 2006 and is totally dedicated to his work. I am sure he longs to see his new born son, but despite our prompting, he chose to stay and wait till we complete the pending deliveries. Jetha hails from Benares, but he has found a home away from home. We are one family here.

We will soon be vacationing in GOA for 3 days (annual picinc)

Our guys need to recharge

Deliveries will not be affected

- Mishra

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jobs and careers

SHYAAM is growing
for our Works at Silvassa, we need:
QA Managers
Office Assistants (computer literate)
Autocad Draftsmen
Turners, Fitters and Wiremen

We dont offer jobs
we want you to make your career with us
Emoluments and work environment - the best in the Industry

Walk-in interviews have begun

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are presently a 4 Sigma Company
We will be 6 Sigma by year end 2010

We have appointed TQMC to show us the way
go here

How to find us

to find us quickly, go to

type shyaamex, and hit 'I am feeling lucky'

  • SHYAAM, in keeping with its Mission has embraced the ISO 14001 EMS

    We have adopted the environmental management system to address the following major concerns:

    Powder coating process: air and water pollution
    Packing process: reducing the use of thermocole, and PE sheets
    Office administration: reducing the use of paper
    Reducing the consumption of electricity for heating, lighting and AC

    By the year 2010, SHYAAM will be certified to ISO 14001

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Delivery in 48 hours

SHYAAM manufactures and supplies a wide range of Flameproof equipment and CE ATEX Marked cable glands, junction boxes and stopping plugs

for our standard range delivery available in 48 hours on booking your order


Thursday, February 08, 2007

We are committed to design, manufacture and market safe and reliable Ex- equipment and accessories at an affordable price.
We will also ensure that committed deliveries are met every time.
We are also committed to continual improvement in our Quality Management System, so as to continually upgrade our processes and products

Sunil Agarwal

Monday, December 25, 2006

buy cheap - pay heavy


36,Sumtinath Indl.Estate, Behind In orbit Mall, Off Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai –64. TEL. NO.: 022 – 39579149 / 28785941 click on pic to enlarge map
FAX NO.: 022 – 28785941.

SHYAAM designs and manufactures various Flameproof and Weatherproof Electrical Equipments.
SHYAAM was founded in the year 2004 by Mr. Sunil Agarwal and Mr. Nilesh Agarwal. The company started off with the manufacturing of Flameproof and Weatherproof Electrical equipment including Lighting Fittings, Switchgears, Control Panels, Distribution Boards, MCC, Local Control Stations, Junction Boxes, Cables Glands, and Accessories etc. for use in Divisions 1 & 2 hazardous areas of Gas Groups I, IIA, IIB and IIC including “Hazards Cool” Flameproof split type Air Conditioner.

SHYAAM is a company with personnel having two decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing of sophisticated hazardous locations electrical equipment in the country. The products incorporate modern concepts and improved versions to eliminate installation and maintenance difficulties. Our Managing Director Mr. Sunil Agarwal is having two decades of experience in marketing of hazardous locations electrical equipment and was Director marketing and finance in similar industry. Mr. Nilesh Agarwal, Our technical Director is also having around 18 years of experience in same field & was Director Technical and Works and also presently a member and is representating in various committees of BIS, the apex body doing work of standards formation in India

SHYAAM has successfully obtained all new CMRI certification in the year 2004 - with advantage of eliminating all design flaws in earlier certification. All products follow the latest design philosophy and are TECHNICALLY UPDATED having learnt from feedbacks received from the field experience of the past. We also undertakes development of any import substitution / custom - made / tailor - made items to clients specifications. In house R & D with Computerized Design Cell and trained personnel’s ensures a speedy application oriented development.

Existing Product Range:

a) Well Glass fittings both integral and non-integral type suitable for 160W MLL / 200W GLS / 300W GLS / 500W GLS / 80W HPMV / 125W HPMV / 250W HPMV / 400W HPMV / UPTO 3X26W CFL WITH & W/O CUT OFF DEVICE / 70W, 150W & 250W METAL HALIDE / EMERGENCY LIGHT UPTO 18W CFL / AVIATION OBSTRUCTION, BEACON & FLUSHER TYPE.

b) FLP-WP Bulk Head fitting suitable for 160W MLL / 200W GLS / 80W HPMV / 125W HPMV / 1X26W CFL lamp non-integral type.

c) FLP-WP Reactor Vessel Lamp with & without switch and with push button operated Electronic Timer.

d) FLP-WP Flood Light Fittings up to 400W HPMV / Metal Halide.

e) FLP-WP Clean Room area Light Fittings for Pharmaceutical Industries suitable for up to 3x26W CFL or 3x36W CFL.

f) Control Gear Box up to 400W HPMV / Metal Halide.

g) Push Button Station with various combinations.

h) Rotary Isolator both Direct entry as well as with separate cable termination box with different combinations & ratings.

i) FLP-WP Switch / MCB Socket & Plug Combine.

j) Indicating Lamp, Ammeter, and Voltmeter etc.

k) FLP-WP Thermo couple Head also of IIC.

l) FLP-WP switch fuse unit for different ratings.

m) FLP-WP limit switch with Top push Roller, Rod or Fork lever type both direct entry type and with separate cable termination box.

n) FLP-WP electric gong bell.

o) Temperature & Fan regulator.

p) Junction Boxes of different sizes.

q) DOL & Star Delta Starters with & without isolator.

r) Cable Glands and accessories.

s) Exhaust, Pedestal, Wall & Ceiling mounting Fans.

t) Lighting DB’s and panels of different varieties.

u) We are authorized distributors for MARC CLIMATIC CONTROL Inc., USA for Flameproof split type Air Conditioners.
Marc Climatic Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures explosion proof and hazardous location air conditioning, heating, pressurization, refrigeration, and chemical filtration equipment. We can comply with the requirements of most codes, standards, or regulatory agencies in the world today, including NFPA (NEC, 496, etc.) CSA, CEC, API, USCG, CFR, DNV, and IEC.

v) Flameproof & Intrinsically safe Telephone with loud ringing bell.

w) FLP-WP enclosure for weighing scale and other instruments with various combinations.

x) ‘CE’ marked FLP-WP Cable Glands & Junction Box.

y) Apart from this many more items are under development. We can also develop custom built, tailor made products as per customer’s specifications.

We also manufacture and supply garden lighting fittings and outdoor lightings

SHYAAM SWITCHGEARS PVT. LTD. Unit no. 101, 1st Floor, Everest Industrial Estate, Near 66KV Sub-station, Amli, SILVASSA – 396 230. (U.T.)

SHYAAM SWITCHGEARS PVT. LTD. 36, Sumtinath Industrial Estate, Behind In orbit Mall, Off Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 064. 10. Phone numbers: Office: 022 – 39579149, 28785941 Fax: 022 – 28785941. Factory: 0260 – 2632906, 09377026419. Residence: 022 – 28798259, 28798807. Mobiles: 09324670143 (SUNIL), 09324789171 (NILESH).

I) SUNIL Agarwal
II) Nilesh Agarwal

We are the first UL registered firm in India for explosion protected electrical equipment.

We also manufacture CE Marked cable gland and other accessories